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Services Offered

Vaccination Wellness Services

Wellness care is an investment in your horse's health. Ensuring that your horse receives proper wellness care can help your horse live longer and stay active.  A critical part of wellness care is an annual physical examination. 

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Colic ICU care and Surgical Services AAH

Most horse people have unfortunately had the experience of having one of their horses colic. Generally most resolve with minimal treatment and veterinary intervention may or may not even be necessary.

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Stem Cell IRAP PRP Services

Equine tendon, ligament, and joint injuries are some of the most frequently seen problems in clinical veterinary practice leading to joint instability, degenerative joint disease, and reduced performance.

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Hospitalization ICU NICU Services

Intensive care, hospitalization, neonatal ICU, medical colics- They are some of the most dreaded words among horse owners. It may start with you noticing that your horse is acting a little strangely occasionally turning his head to look at his belly, kicking his back feet, sweating and acting anxious. 

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Joint Therapy Services

At Alpine Equine hospital joint injections are common procedures which involve injecting medication directly into the joint to combat such problems as synovitis, osteoarthritis, and arthritis.

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Ruminant Services

Sheep, Goat and Llama Herd Health

We offer herd testing for OPP in sheep and CAE in goats. We offer testing for Johne’s in both species. We also offer annual Brucellosis and Tuberculosis testing for show and milking animals.

Gastroscopy Endoscopy Services

There is a lot of attention given to gastric ulceration in horses in the lay press and rightfully so. Gastric ulcers are areas of erosion of the lining of the stomach and in some cases the anterior duodenum. Gastric ulcers are the result of gastric acid (hydrochloric acid secreted by parts of the stomach lining), and, to a lesser degree, the digestive enzyme pepsin, irritating the lining of the stomach, causing ulceration.

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