Nutrition Counseling and Hay Analysis

Horses have different dietary needs depending upon their age, sex and pregnancy status, health conditions, job and housing situations. We offer quantified nutritional counseling, including foarge and pasture analysis. We provide a written nutrient profile and analysis as well as a feeding suggestion based on your horse’s age, dicipline and level of active training and current medical conditions.

Here are several reasons you might consider having your horse’s diet analyzed:

  1. You have a performance horse – whether it be a racing thoroughbred, a hunter/jumper, a dressage artist, a rodeo performer, or even a competitive trail rider. All performance horses have increased nutritional needs and just feeding more food is not necessarily the best approach.
  2. You have a broodmare. Breeding has special considerations, both in promoting a pregnancy and in maintaining one. The health of the foal depends upon a healthy mare. And, once the foal is born, the lactating mare needs your nutritional care to maintain her health and to produce nutritious milk.
  3. For all their large size, horses are really quite delicate and they rely on us to keep them healthy. Feeding them appropriately for their age, body condition, physical requirements, and even their emotional temperament, requires more than hay and sunshine.
  4. You have a horse that, in your opinion, really could be healthier. Your horse is fine, basically speaking, but not in glowing health. Perhaps all your horse requires is a little tweaking of his/her diet to add that vitamin or mineral that’s lacking.
  5. You’re confused by all the supplements that are available on the market. They all sound great. But, what components are deficient in your horse’s diet? If you use more than one, you may be concerned about overlapping too many nutrients and causing a new set of problems. Let us help you take the guess work out of the supplements your horse needs.

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