National Equine Dental Health Month

In honor of National Dental Health Month, Alpine Equine Hospital offers a promotional service to help you ensure your horses’ dental wellness!

Make an appointment in February for an oral exam, and if necessary dental float. 

We offer a 20% discount on dental sedation and routine floating in February!

Call us at (970) 379-7100  to make an appointment today

The external structures of the face and head are observed with the dental exam.  They consist of:

  • chewing muscles
  • temporomandibular joints
  • lymph nodes
  • salivary glands
  • jaw bones
  • lips
  • external contours of the head
  • odor of the breath
  • upper airways (nostrils, nasal cavity, and sinuses)

After sedation is administered, a speculum is used to help your horse hold their mouth open while intraoral structures are carefully examined with a dental mirror:

  • front teeth (incisors & canines)
  • back teeth (premolars & molars)
  • gums
  • tongue
  • cheeks
  • roof of the mouth
  • area under the tongue

If a need for a dental float is identified during the exam, it can be performed at that time (the fee is $192.00). If certain abnormalities are noted on examination, x-rays may be recommended to further evaluate the tooth roots and jaw bones as needed.

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