Adult and Geriatric Horse Care

We offer age specific wellness programs and exams to recognize early signs of disease and ensure your horses long term health. Many geriatric equine diseases parallel diseases found in the field of human geratology.

Decreased immune system responses to diseases such as Influenza and cardiac muscle and valvular changes leading to arrhythmias are two such examples. Alpine Animal hospital has diagnostic ultrasound and electrocardiography and laboratory equipment to properly diagnosis and determine treatment for these disorders in your horses.

The two most common reasons cited for humane euthanasia relate to orthopedic or lameness diseases such as laminitis (founder) and uncontrollable osteoarthritis pain and gastrointestinal problems associated with changes in dentition and colic. Portable digital radiography and novel state-of-the-art treatment modalitities are offered. Osteoarthritis and pain management strategies and medications including stomach sparing COX-2 NSAIDS are offered for pain relief.

We also offer serum and blood testing to define abnormalities associated with Equine cushings disease. ECD is a relatively common metabolic disease of the pituitary gland, an organ at the base of the brain. These horses tend to be overweight with a cresty neck, despite a calorie restricted diet and typically have 2-4 inch long wavy hair coat that fails to shed in the spring. Abnormally high levels of circulating cortisol associated with the disease predispose these animals to severe laminitis, and infections of the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts. Proactive management of these diseases and life long treatment is often necessary to control these debilitating secondary diseases.

Motorized dentistry services and periodontic treatments are needed by our older patients to maintain health and offered at AAH.

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