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  • Whether a barrel racer or dressage champion, we are here ready to assist with your horse's needs
    We are dedicated to providing excellent care. Call to learn more.
  • Dedicated to promoting equestrian sports and activities in our youth
    We are dedicated to providing excellent care
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  • Committed to mentoring the veterinary professionals of the future
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  • The Finest In Veterinary Care
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  • Fulfilling the needs of horses big and small
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  • Dedicated to promoting equestrian sports and activities in our local community
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Welcome to Alpine Equine Hospital

Your Equine Veterinarian in the Roaring Fork Valley
Hospital Located in Carbondale, CO
Call us at 970-379-7100
After Hours Emergencies (970)-366-1320

Our mission:  We are passionate about the relationship between horse and rider and work to deliver on a commitment of excellence in veterinary care and communication through a dedicated infrastructure and team focused solely on horses and livestock.  

To that end Alpine Animal Hospital has restructured and separate from Alpine Animal Hospital (AAH).  The decision to separate the equine business from Alpine Animal Hospital will better enable our large animal team to be fully focused on equine and livestock health.  Our veterinary staff consists of Dr Chuck Maker, our veterinary intern and certified veterinary technician and assistants.  Together we will continue to serve and celebrate the special human animal bond between horse and rider. 

Alpine Equine’s primary goal is simple: superior service and excellence in medical and surgical care.

As a team, Alpine Equine strives to provide the best, most complete and up-to-date medical and surgical care for our patients.  We endeavor to do this while creating a staff friendly work environment which encourages professional development and life-long continuing education. 

Our philosophy is to combine and integrate the values we feel important in our lives with our daily work: treating our clients, staff and patients with the compassion and respect they deserve.  We feel that prompt, competent and reliable 24/7 emergency service is essential to the health and welfare of horses and the peace of mind of their owners.  

We ask for your feedback as we navigate this change in our business structure; our aim is to make it as seamless as possible. We hope you enjoy our new web site and find us on Facebook for updates and important information.  We are always available to address your questions and provide service for your horses, livestock and small ruminants.  We welcome your feedback on how we can improve and better serve you and our community.

We hope you will find information that will introduce you to our veterinary practice and answer many questions you might have regarding our services. 

•    Please familiarize yourself with our services  and leave us feedback at  @Alpineequinehospital.  Please check out our facebook page for social content and regular updates and health care blogs
•    Please review our forms  and return to us via fax or e-mail. Many thanks for helping us keep our records up to date.

Doctor phone time is generally 8:00-9:00 a.m. weekdays but we’re always available if not with a patient.   
Questions? If you have any questions, please call.  Appointments are best made by calling the office at 970-379-7100. Have an emergency? Call us at 970-366-1320

Lastly thank you for allowing us to care for your horse’s care needs.  We look forward to working with you and your horse!


Chuck Maker, DVM
Member, American Association
of Equine Practitioners

Meet Our Doctors

  • Dr.
    Chuck Maker
    Staff Doctor

    Dr. Maker is passionate about enriching the human-animal bond between horse and rider. Dr. Maker believes in life long learning to better enhance the care of his equine patients.  He greatly enjoys mentoring veterinary students and recent graduates and interns for the betterment of our professions.  He believes in the importance of keeping horses and our ranching heritage in the lives of local youth.

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  • Dr.
    Jen Kelley
    Equine Intern 2019-2020

    Dr. Jen Kelley grew up in Littleton, CO and graduated from Colorado State University's DVM program this past May. She has always had a passion for working with animals from showing hunter jumper horses to competing in dog shows and wanted to become a veterinarian from an early age. 

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    Cushing's Disease (PPID)

    Cushing’s disease (also known as pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction, or PPID) is the most common disease affecting the endocrine system of horses. This group of glands produces hormones that help keep the body in balance. With Cushing’s disease, an imbalance of these hormones causes several symptoms, ...

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    Cryptorchidism is a condition in which one or both testicles fail to descend into the scrotum. This is the most common problem affecting the sexual development of male horses. If both of the testicles remain in the abdomen, the horse will be sterile. Horses with an undescended testicle are sometimes ...

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    Congential Defects and Disorders

    Horses with congenital disorders are born with physical or physiological abnormalities. These may be readily apparent, or may be diagnosed as the foal matures. Unfortunately, the list of possible congenital deformities is long. These anomalies may affect the heart, ears, eyes or skin. The autoimmune, ...

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    Cancer in Horses

    While cancer is not as prevalent in horses as it is in humans, horses do get several types of this disease. Here are a few of the common types of cancer that a horse might develop. Melanoma Gray horses over the age of 15 are the likeliest candidates to get melanoma. Melanoma tumors originate from cells ...

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    Bucked Shins

    Bucked shins is the common name for very small fractures on the front part (periosteum) of a horse’s cannon bones. These bones are on the lower part of the leg, and run between the knee and the fetlock joint below. Symptoms of Bucked Shins Bucked shins are more common in 2- to 3-year-old Thoroughbreds ...

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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Dr. Maker has been there for my horses since 1993 and Equine Vet Tech Becky Cash joined in 2001. The Interns that train and gain hands-on experience with them are always of the highest caliber. They are a dedicated team. I can highly recommend Alpine Equine to my equestrian friends."
    Lynn Kirchner
  • "Dr. Maker is amazing with all of my animals. He and his staff are patient and thorough and always take the very best care of all of my animals."
    Sarah Mohn Smith
  • "I love Dr Chuck and all his staff. He is very caring, my animals love him too!"
    Jean Powell
  • "Dr. Maker is fantastic, he cares about helping horses and owners! Very talented veterinarian!"
    Jolee Stegemoller

Our goal is superior service. Every time!!
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